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“Jobsworth” -Con Keating casts doubt on DWP’s lifetime jobs data

Pots of Money? One of the most commonly cited statistics associated with the discussion of small pots and their consolidation is that we hold, on average, eleven jobs in a working lifetime – and that this number is tending to … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t Pension Schemes CREATE jobs? #CIPD

News that ballooning pension deficits are hitting profits and leading to hiring freezes is both unwelcome and unacceptable. Pension schemes should be benefiting UK businesses, enabling them to retire those becoming less productive and hire the best new talent. But … Continue reading

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The Blockchain is boring – we aren’t!

If you read my blogs you’ll know that I see the Blockchain as boring and beautiful at the same time. It is boring because it creates a central purchasing ledger and it is beautiful because it puts millions of boring … Continue reading

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“Why do we see pensions like that?” Assumptions behind the FAB Index

This week we published the FAB index (FABI) which shows the way we see the state of this nation’s defined benefit pensions. “We” means First Actuarial, I work for First Actuarial. We want to paint a picture of the pensions … Continue reading

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Mounting frustration with politicians

Last night I presented to a small group of Finance Director’s in the City, not the masters of the universe type, but the guys who keep our insurance broking and reinsurance industry on the straight and narrow. They wanted me … Continue reading

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Should I give my job to a computer?

This week the BBC has been running a series of programs on artificial intelligence. The first program asked the question HOW SUSCEPTIBLE ARE JOBS TO COMPUTERISATION? and reference was made to a study published here. I’d give it a read if you have a … Continue reading

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