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Tik-Tok for pensions? You’d be surprised.

Damian Stancombe doesn’t have enough twitter followers- follow him – he’s always got a contrarian view and like my good friend David Harris – isn’t afraid to share it. Here he is commenting on my recently published blog on the … Continue reading

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“Influencing” scams; what your kids see on Insta

The FCA has issued a warning about http://www.1-to-1trading.co.uk ; you can read it here I didn’t find out from the FCA , I found out via an excellent article by David Byers – writing in the Times. The reality TV … Continue reading

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Can pensions be more playful (please)!

  I’ve waded through a number of IGC chair reports this Easter weekend and a smile has seldom  been on my lips. With the exception of the Virgin Money report, I hardly felt I knew who I was talking to. Ironically, … Continue reading

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“They deal in pictures”

This was the comment of my 18 year old son about pupils at his school in years below him. Instagram has killed text as anything much more than a caption, Facebook is too wordy for this new wave of kids. … Continue reading

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Making social media work for us

One of the things that social media does, is blur the line between work and play. The distinction is one that employers , regulators and brands attempt to manage, often with arcane rules that make them a laughing stock to their … Continue reading

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