“They deal in pictures”


This was the comment of my 18 year old son about pupils at his school in years below him.

Instagram has killed text as anything much more than a caption, Facebook is too wordy for this new wave of kids.

Instagram is making for short paragraphs as the means to describe what is going on shifts from verbal articulation to photographic imagery.

What do kids make of us – with out bullet points and text blocks? We must seem as ridiculous as the prog rock brigade to me as a 16 year old punk in 1977.

And even for the new adult (he was 18 yesterday) , there was a realisation that his way of doing things is being superseded by a smarter means to message.

Of all the advancements in technology, it is the smart phone’s capacity to capture a moment in a photo and relay that moment to one or to many, that has captured the imagination,


I don’t think I’ve even begun to understand Instagram and how I – a dealer in words- can be relevant to these picture-smiths.

But it seemed right, as I walked home last night, to dwell upon that phrase “they deal in words”, I’m missing something, so’s my son. Welcome to the generation gap Olly!

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