“Influencing” scams; what your kids see on Insta

The FCA has issued a warning about http://www.1-to-1trading.co.uk ; you can read it here

I didn’t find out from the FCA , I found out via an excellent article by David Byers – writing in the Times.

 Targeting the most vulnerable

Questions are being raised about the effects on young people of the influencer marketing industry, which uses celebrities to promote products on social media. Lloyds Bank says its research suggests that almost a third of people who made purchases through social media were scammed. Victims lost an average of £393.

British celebrities can earn between £1,000 and £10,000 for a sponsored post, a Times investigation found last year. The most popular Instagram stars can earn £120,000 to £240,000 a year.  (The Times)

You may not follow Chloe Ferry but someone close to you might, and if your family get caught up in scams like 1-to-1, you know who will end up picking up the bill.

It may not be your kids who are most vulnerable – it may be you. Have a word!

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How to turn a risk warning into an ad

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