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Practical help for practical people- what we hope to do for BSPS members.

What Al Rush and I are up to I’ll be taking up to a week off over the next fortnight – partly because I have to and partly because I relish the opportunity of scooting around the country doing what … Continue reading

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Was DC the only choice for the Tata Steelworkers?

      Speaking on the radio yesterday, John Ralfe called the decision of Tata Staff to accept the loss of future accrual into a final salary scheme in exchange for a 10% contribution into a DC pension fund as … Continue reading

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A tale of two failures. (BHS and Tata Steel)

BHS and Tata Steel; they have a lot in common BHS is a  failed retailer, a tired brand with 11,000 employees and a medium sized pension scheme with a hole in it. Tata Steel is a failed steelmaker, an iconic business … Continue reading

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A Faustian Pact that could hurt us all

In a potentially disastrous development to the negotiations around British Steel’s pension benefits, the Government is  considering allowing the rights of British Steel workers (including those drawing their pensions) – to be cut. There is no precedent for this. Pensions … Continue reading

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Tata, BHS, Austin Reed- “the big mess”.

  In an excellent article “Home of the Big Mess” Ivan Laws gives us his experience of watching on as a defined benefit scheme he administered was plundered by people who had the wit to use pension surpluses to provide … Continue reading

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“We’ve never had it that good”- what Tata Steel could do to pensions.

The world has woken up to the £486m deficit in the Tata (aka Corus, aka British Steel) Pension deficit and what John Ralfe estimates is a £2bn albatross around Tata’s neck (the predicted cost of walking away with the Government’s … Continue reading

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