Hargreaves Lansdown apprehended by Karma Police

This is what you get

According to a recent FOI request made by HL, 14,500 girls aged 15 or under had money paid into a pension for them compared to 15,300 boys in 2019-20. The gap is closing. In 2015-16 only 13,800 girls had money paid into a pension for them compared to 15,800 boys.


Parents and grandparents can get their loved one’s retirement planning off to a flying start by making contributions to a Junior SIPP.

You can contribute up to £2,880 per year to a child’s pension (or any non-earner for that matter up until age 75) and they receive tax relief topping it up to £3,600.

Actuarial Post 


I suspect quite a few people are getting fed up with special pleading from financial services firms to address societal issues by buying their products. I am one!

I was pleased to see that super-sleuth actuaries Stuart McDonald and Adele Groyer (known to us as leading lights of Covid-arg.com) caught Hargreaves Lansdown with their statistical pants down.

There is a gender pay gap, but it’s not created by loaded parents pre-funding their little darlings SIPP accounts (and taking advantage of one of a source of tax-relief that frankly is an abuse of privilege).

Infact the lucky infant SIPP holders  are more male than female in precisely the proportion that they came out of the womb (51.3% v 48.7%). Why more males get born than females is not a societal but a genetic question.

The pensions gender gap is a serious issue and arises out of very real societal injustice (women do not get the same opportunities and pay as men). It leaves many women in real poverty in later age, especially where they are bereaved, divorced or deserted.

Sadly, the more important gap at birth is the gap between rich and poor parents.


Hargreaves should not indulge in hand-wringing of this kind. Not only is the hook line for its SIPP marketing campaign trivialising the issue,  it’s fake news. The campaign brings both the issue and Hargreaves into disrepute.

Thankfully , the Karma Police , in the form of Stuart and Adele, are a lot smarter than the people who dreamt up this particular campaign.

Thom Yorke:

Karma is important. The idea that something like karma exists makes me happy. It makes me smile. Karma Police is dedicated to everyone who works for a big firm. It’s a song against bosses.


Ed O’Brien:

When someone in the band behaved like an a–hole, one of the others always said: ‘The Karma Police is gonna get you.’

Here’s the 2003 Glastonbury version – as it’s that time of year

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  1. henry tapper says:

    It’s depressing to see other pension titles running this fake news

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