Value add – wine and target dated funds

Label from a bottle of 2000 Chateau Talbot

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I thought I was going to a lecture on target-dated funds- I found myself in a wine – tasting with some old friends – tant pis, comme on dit!

Thanks to the boys and girls at ABCD it was fun but it left me a little frustrated.

If we can get £100m into a target dated fund, surely it is not beyond the wit of pension man to get it out again and provide the unitholders with proper pensions, unconstrained by the need to invest in inappropriate assets with expensive payment systems and the dead hand of Solvency II squeezing the life out of member value.

But on to a happier topic. I witnessed a miracle! Apparently Dick Strattan shops for wine in Morrisons. He is a value bunny who has seen the light and worked out you get as much fun from a £4 bottle of Pinot Grigio as a £90 bottle of Chateau Talbot.

Dick’s econium to economy  was a hilarious interlude in a life of gourmet pleasures which will undoubtedly continue once his current austerity kick wears off.

We need Dick Strattan’s reckless extravagance. A certain lavatory wall in Henley bears witness to one of the silliest lunches Buckinghamshire has ever witnessed.

The expense accounts that land on financial controller‘s desks would not be the same without the elan and bonhomie of this man among men.

Fine wine – fine company and a potentially fine product. Here’s to 2011!

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