Al Rush – Chive – Pension Debate III

Al rush new face

If you haven’t read Natalie Holt’s portrait of Al Rush, I suggest you take two minutes out of your day and read it now. Here is the link.

The article gets to the heart of the man and his reason for setting up Chive. I won’t spoil it for you, Natalie has done a great job.

But what really matters is…

I’m sure that Al wouldn’t see what he’s done as what is important, he sees tomorrow as more important. Metaphorically, his focus is on October 8th and the next Pension Debate which will focus on project Chive.

If you are at all interested in Al’s work – protecting the pension rights of ordinary people who get little help with the wealth they could (and usually shouldn’t) access, then you should be playing a part in Pension Debate 3 either on Oct 7th (cash-flow modelling) or the 8th (Project Chive) . You can still sign up for either day here.


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