Moving on – age is no barrier!

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  1. Here’s my Mum on a crisp September afternoon in Shaftesbury North Dorset. The window looks in on the room where I was conceived over 57 years ago. Not much changes for my mother!

Something that changed earlier this year, was that her soul mate for over 60 years died. Since then she’s had a replacement knee which seems to have marked the end of her mourning. She is able to clear out that room and start again.

Her resilience has been an example to me. We have change thrust upon us and how we deal with change marks us out. My mother is quite inspirational..

You might wonder why she might want to live in one house for 60 years. Following my mother waving me off, I , Greg my brother and Glen the Dog went to Rushmore, a few miles from Shaftesbury – for a walk. And this is what we saw.


This is where I come from. The Shire Rack runs through Rushmore , on the one side of it is Wiltshire, on the other Dorset. Tess Durbeyfield was defiled by Alec Turbeville on the Shire Rack.

The Shire Rack was set up by two Anglo Saxon charters over 1000 years ago. Not much changes in Dorset & Wilts either!

They were walking late at night from the Larma Tree dance that lies below Rushmore off towards Farnham and Sixpenny Handley.

It’s good to spend some time back here. It’s where I come from, but it’s no longer my home.

My mother has remade her life – she’s able to walk freely again, she’s cleared out that bedroom and is redecorating. Yesterday we went to the solicitor and sorted out her affairs.




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  1. Adrian Boulding says:

    Age. Hmmm. This week TPR have asked for the date of birth of all my trustees. But there are no age related messages in the now copious Master Trust guidance.


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