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Founder of the Pension PlayPen, Director of First Actuarial, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman

Contractors can’t have their cake and eat our pensions too

  The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed have condemned Lloyds Banking Group’s decision to either scrap contractors or force them into umbrella companies. I think this unfair on Lloyds and unfair on the tax-payer. As anyone in reward … Continue reading

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“Brexit this year” – odds against

Amidst all the noise, the bookies are prepared to make a market in the Brexit date – here are the Betfair Exchange odds. You can now get nearly 5/2 against Britain leaving the EU this year. It is more likely … Continue reading

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Extinction , Boredom or Symposium?

Frivolity of fidelity, mindless or mindful – which will it be? I am faced this morning with stark choice. Do I cycle on the north side of the river to join responsible asset owners and Adrienne Lawlor working out how … Continue reading

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Why innovation in financial services is so tough

  Today I will be discussing with my team at AgeWage innovation. We are submitting an application for an innovation grant to Innovate UK and we have to determine whether we deserve tax-payers money to take our business forward. To … Continue reading

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My penny’s worth and a Quids-worth from Ros Altmann on #WASPI

1950s women disappointed as High Court says Government did not discriminate against them.   Equalising pension AGE does not mean pension equality – women still get much lower pensions than men.  Many women have been pushed into poverty and did … Continue reading

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A pensions dashboard really would help

  With a Queens Speech and a pensions bill only a week away, it’s timely of the Times to publish research from Ipsos Mori on the plight of UK retirement savers trying to keep track of their savings. This piece … Continue reading

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Autumn on the river with the evergreen Langs

  We have had a wonderful boating season, but I sense it may be drawing to a close. This Sunday morning the rain is pouring down and we will not be going out – my crew- rightly I suspect- have … Continue reading

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Are the nuts and bolts of our workplace pensions coming loose?

  In September 2018, the Financial Times reported on PensionSync research Millions of pounds of tax relief has been overpaid to workplace pension savers in the UK following errors made by tens of thousands of employers. Regulators conceded this week … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Pension Plans : Randy Bauslaugh

  This blog is based on remarks to the National Coordinating Committee for Multi-employer Plans, Miami, Florida, September 21, 2019.(Edited for Length.)  I have the original transcript , supplied by Dr Con Keating and published by C.D. Howe Institute’s Pension … Continue reading

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The matron and the gormandizer

As nouns the difference between egomania and megalomania is that egomania is excessive vanity, pride or arrogance; self-importance while megalomania is a psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence. I’ve been pension age for nearly 7 … Continue reading

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