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It’s not pensions that are scary – it’s “search”!

I’ve been quoted in @OscarWGrut‘s latest investigation on how Google is STILL allowing high-risk bonds to be flogged in searches for savings deals, despite recent scandals. It’s time for Google to take its duty of care to consumers seriously. Read … Continue reading

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Absolutely true (as I visited the Royal Mail)

  How the Royal Mail pension schemes are run Whether it be through its Final Salary Scheme (RMPP), the interim Cash Balance arrangement or its DC trust, Royal Mail Pension Trustees have consistently over-delivered to their organisation and the members … Continue reading

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Are you safer in your pension?

The FT report news uncovered by AJ Bell that people may be safer from scammers – leaving their money in their pensions. The police units that report financial fraud and cyber crime have produced figures The figures showed reports of … Continue reading

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Help for Trustees, Sponsors and Members with AVC plans

I’ve divided this blog into two- the first bit’s for the people who have charge of defined benefit schemes and relates to the DC savings plans that members can use to supplement their pensions (AVCs). The second bit’s for the … Continue reading

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Navigating pension’s Straits of Hormuz

We met last night in a crowded room in Moorgate WeWork. We were an eclectic mix of pensions directors, chairs of trustees , annuity experts Retirement Line,  Ruston Smith, Vincent Franklin and me. You can see the slides here Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Convince or collapse – the options for small DB schemes in the next decade.

    We stand on the cusp of the third decade of the 21st century. That decade is likely to see small DB schemes collapse into consolidators or stand firm with renewed conviction. I wonder if I will still be … Continue reading

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Can an annuity ever be the right choice?

I did another of those Portfolio Therapy questions for the Times over the weekend. The lock-keeper at Hurley jumped me on Saturday morning – brandishing his copy of the thunderer! See what you think! Where can I invest my £1.2m … Continue reading

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RBS – thank you very much

Yes you did read a positive headline about RBS and no- it was not written tongue in cheek On Friday last, AgeWage received 62,000 contribution files from RBS’ pension administrator which will allow us to test the algorithm we are … Continue reading

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Can I have my data please?

It’s a commonplace to think of data as we think of money, as something we either own – or guard on behalf of someone else. GDPR taught us that and though I’ve forgotten most of what I was taught about … Continue reading

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Why the door’s slammed shut on open pensions.

During the week, AgeWage was invited to compete in the  Nesta Open Up Challenge. Nesta is funded by the UK lottery – they are an agency of change sponsored by the likes of you and me; As any entrepreneurial start-up … Continue reading

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