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Tom McPhail – “the Thunderer’s thunderer” #pensions #tax #relief

Sir, The government should abandon its attempts to find a quick fix to the pension allowance taper problem affecting high earners including doctors and judges (“Pension tax windfall for top earners”, Jan 16, and letter, Jan 17). The pension tax … Continue reading

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Treating savers as investors.

Considering the importance that pension providers place on winning new business, it isn’t surprising they find keeping it so unglamorous, The banner headlines that get reported internally and externally are new business wins, they are what excite the executive and … Continue reading

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Investment pathways – Aussie style

Geoff Warren has come up with an idea that I like, which scores investment pathways (utility functions as he calls them) by marking the trade-offs between “better and worse outcomes” – something we call “risk tolerance”. This is akin to … Continue reading

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Three little pots went to market

The point of this blog is to show 1. One way of avoiding the damaging impact of the MPAA on future saving 2. The depth of knowledge needed to make good at retirement decisions (especially where there is no adviser … Continue reading

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Dip into your pension at 55 and you could be “pension non grata”.

Most people know they can draw the money in their pension pot from 55, and because they can – they do. Very few sustainable drawdown plans are established by people in their fifties and very few annuities. 55% of annuities … Continue reading

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Why a new pensions commission would fail

There’s a call from our current pensions minister to set up another pension commission like we had fifteen years ago.  That commission was a success as it resulted in progressive policies like auto-enrolment and made us sit up and think … Continue reading

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Who cares about old company pension pots?

In this article I look at the legacy of old company pension schemes, set up by employers for staff as an alternative to defined benefit schemes. In a report in 2018, the Pensions Regulator looked at these schemes and found … Continue reading

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Is “Happy Money” the key to retirement planning?

  Yesterday afternoon, I and my colleague Aron had tea with Rory Sutherland. I’d asked Rory if we could meet having been to hear him speak and bumping into him in the street. He’s a raconteur, author, Deputy Chair of … Continue reading

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The net pay anomaly moves up our agenda

This is a chart from the Pension Management Institute’s polling of its members –Pulse  It shows that the Net Pay anomaly is now considered the policy priority for nearly one fifth of respondents. It is very encouraging to see this … Continue reading

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Steve Webb, LCP and Royal London

We are delighted to announce that former Pensions Minister Steve Webb will be joining LCP as a partner. He will be working on our client service offering & spearheading LCP campaigns to help the pensions industry stay apace with member … Continue reading

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