The trouble with experts


All week long my twitter feed has been troubled by experts. It’s like the hot weather bringing the flies into your home, they bite you all over – they don’t even leave you alone when you sleep, I open up my twitter feed in the morning and “bite – bite -bite”!

Here are the five troubles I have with experts.

  1. They make you read their books
  2. They willy waggle
  3. They waggle each other’s willies
  4. They get frustrated when you don’t agree with them
  5. They are generally from the USA and Europe

the final point may sound xenophobic, so I’ll qualify it. The internet gives the opportunity to understand what’s going on in other countries and this is good. However it gives experts the opportunity to opine on what’s going on in other countries as if their expertise was authoritative. I subscribe to the Sun’s dictum “up yours Delors”, overseas experts telling us what to do are generally troublesome.

Tedious as it is, I will have to give evidence to support my views and I choose to draw it from conversations over the past five days with people known to themselves as “financial economists” and to this blog as “financial scientologists”. They are of course mates with big bad John and JR can now complain about a hat-trick of blogs that insult him.

As I keep saying, it is not John I am insulting, it is his behaviour, more particularly his slavish adherence to the cult of financial economics.




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