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What’s happening to your public sector pension?

This blog is written for those in public sector pensions who are interested in how their pensions in retirement are likely to be affected by Government interventions. It looks at  the difficult areas for those in defined benefit schemes, the … Continue reading

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The Teacher’s Pension Scheme is changing -what does this mean?

Teacher Pensions are changing (again). For a scheme that has its foundations in the 19th Century and 2 million members it is remarkably flexible , responding to the changing needs of members , participating employers and the ultimate sponsor- the … Continue reading

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Can CDC offer private school pensions?

The Department of Education has a cunning plan. Put money behind pensions for teachers in state education and ransome private schools and colleges of higher education for higher pension costs. The policy is justified as an end to a tax-payer … Continue reading

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Could pensions yet break state education?

The Teachers’ Pension Scheme is one of only eight guaranteed by the Government; provides additional benefits linked to salary; is inflation-proof to offer teachers a secure retirement; and offers the typical teacher around £7,000 in employer contributions every year. This … Continue reading

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Schools staring into a pension “abyss”

  Contrary to indications that the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) employer contributions for 2019-20 would be set at 19.1%, schools have now been told  that the figure from September 2019 will be 23.6%. The Teachers Pension Scheme, along with all … Continue reading

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The role of Cambridge Colleges in the University teacher’s strike

This article by Mike Otsuka, is designed to be read together with my blog on the emotional intelligence of the teaching staff at Girton College Cambridge. Mike’s article has been widely read and quoted around Cambridge (this is how the … Continue reading

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Not the time to butcher teacher’s pension benefits.

My little break in France was rather spoiled when I read Jo Cumbo’s articles on the potential “remedies”  Universities UK are considering to correct their supposed pension funding deficit. For those who can’t follow this link, these include Lowering the salary … Continue reading

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Don’t make the teachers pay

  I am  sad to read that “academics face a big rise in their pension payments”. That’s the headline in the FT and it may be true. Another set of spurious numbers? The University Superannuation Scheme has completed it’s three … Continue reading

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