Auto-enrolment upgrade? Let’s sort out state benefits first.


The thread says what needs to be said. The Government has not got the upgrade in auto-enrolment recommended in its 2017 auto-enrolment review in any firm time-table. There is a lot of industry moaning about this in this article, but I don’t think now is the time to be throwing rocks at the DWP .

As said before, there are competing priorities and right now the priority is

  1. Sort out the state pension which is going to deliver a real drop in incomes of up to 4% this year – for those dependent on it.
  2. Sort out the state pension, which is underpaying to 134,000 people so far identified due to IT systems that don’t work very well.
  3. Sort out the state pension, which is currently being paid from 66 – soon to be 67 and from 68 at some undetermined date in the future (likely to be sooner than we thought).

The state pension is what most people rely on for the bulk of their income, not workplace pensions, not income from investments (including right to by and equity release).

While we might think that it is the world of workplace pensions, or SIPPs or financial advice that matters most, it most certainly isn’t.

What matters most is that pensions pay the elderly a minimum wage and that we recognise what “living means”. I was encouraged yesterday by this.

If you haven’t got the news yet – here it is.

Jack Monroe

Until we can afford to keep our poorest pensioners in basics, we cannot afford to boost the private savings system called auto-enrolment as a priority.

I hope we Jack more attention in the months to come and keep up the pressure to restore the triple lock, sort out the administration issues and ensure that the state pension age properly reflects our changing demographics



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