Enough of this silly points-scoring!

Scoring at silly point!

Scoring at silly point!

We’re all at it and I don’t exclude me. Boys will be boys and give us a Business Development tag on our business cards and we go “all testosterone”.

I got dissed last week by one of our rivals who didn’t want me pitching up to their “client event”. Fair enough except the invite told me they wanted me to be the first to know about some bright idea or other”. Which was enough to remind said rival that they’d been abusing the hospitality of my website and so it goes on.

I think this is a men thing. Like rutting stags we clash antlers to the amusement of the lady deer until they discover both stags are sufficiently knackered to be useless for the main event.

Which of course exactly where all this silly points scoring get us – nowhere!

And while we butt each other, the 1.2m employers who need our help get nothing!

So let’s put an end to this nonsense and agree to work together.

Happily I’m going to lunch next week with our friends for Anthony Hodges Consulting who we (First Actuarial) worked with to help sort out some local details at Unilever last year.

Unilever are good at this sort of thing, they treat their advisers as part of their team and the advisers have to learn to like each other.

Actually it’s not hard to like AHC, nor the other consultants who we normally battle. We’re all swimming in the same river.

If I can plug our new website www.pensionplaypen.com, without risking the wrath or our rivals, I would like to invite anyone interested in improving public confidence in pensions to get in touch.

I actually want to give space on the site to the good ideas not just of my lot, but your lot and their lot too.

It’s not seemly for us to be banging antlers while their’s so much work to be done. If we

could divert some of the marketing spend we devote to bigging ourselves up to bigging good things like auto-enrolment up, we’d have a bigger market and – dare I say it – a more profitable one!

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