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The Facebook timeline – a teenage diary.

Facebook gives kids the space to learn who they are without the intrusion of unwanted authority. Parents, teachers, coaches and big brothers take note Continue reading

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This is no country for old women

I haven’t been a great fan of academic pensions research or researchers for that matter. The research is typically a big whinge about people not getting a fair deal, the researchers comfortably cocooned in university sponsored sinecures or pensions. So I … Continue reading

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DC4Good; ABdc and the Pension Trust get it.

  DC just took a little step forward… Here’s AllianceBernstein‘s press release (with the flim-flam deleted and my comments in blue) AllianceBernstein has launched a range of ethical target date funds for the  UK DC market.   Good news, we all know that … Continue reading

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The Budget – Becalmed in the middle of the lost decade!

This wasn’t really a budget about pensions and the usual scare stories about threats to pension saving proved groundless. It certainly didn’t do much for those in retirement. Continue reading

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“We grow old, we grow old” – a budget day blog

It’s budget day. I was asked to be a commentator on a budget briefing this afternoon but I’m not good on economics – more interested in nuts and bolts. All the same, it’s useful sometimes to stick your head up and … Continue reading

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It’s a “no” to that Royal Charter from the Plowman

In case you are wondering, the views of the pension plowman are not necessarily those of First Actuarial and quite often aren’t. Continue reading

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Beeb forces closure of offshore payroll loophole

A good news story all round (except for the man and the goat on Sark). Continue reading

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This morning the river spurgeoned under Windsor bridge. “Spurgeoning is” a word created by Anthony Burgess to describe the motion of a fast flowing river as it eddies after passing a fixed impediment (such as Windsor or Stratford bridge). Watching the … Continue reading

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By your clicks shall ye be known – the self-immolation of Gavin Barwell MP

Thanks to the Guardian for this… Conservative MPGavin Barwell thought he was exposing a particularly shameless piece of political moneyspinning when he clicked on a link tweeted by Labour and found a press release accompanied by an advert saying “date … Continue reading

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What to do about commission

Debbie O’ Donovan who blogs as DOD has written a definitive comment on commission and the shameful shenanigans of Q4 2012 which saw advisory firms filling their boots at the expense of the members of workplace pension schemes. Many years ago … Continue reading

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