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The lads say “provider follows member”.

In putting their heads above the parapet, the lads are taking the argument in the right direction. Continue reading

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“What’s expensive for a pension these days?”

Most UK pension people may still agree with you and see 0.9% as cheap but not me. It might have been cheap in 2000 and it certainly isn’t today! Continue reading

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Britain’s Premier Equine Investment Conference

Thoughts turn to Cheltenham. The Pension Play Pen will decamp there after work this evening . Continue reading

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Bothered about your pension wealth?

In the past few days I’ve had some fruity exchanges with Tom McPhail of Hargreaves Lansdowne about when people should start getting interested in managing their pension pot. Tom’s view is “as soon as savings begin, mine “when you can be bothered”. Hargreaves … Continue reading

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Six for five pound, one pound fish

Following brief employment at a pound shop, Muhammad Shahid Nazir, a Pakistani immigrant to the United Kingdom  from the town of Pattoki, Kasur in Punjab,  began work on a fish stall at Queen’s Market, Upton Park where his employer instructed him to … Continue reading

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