Six for five pound, one pound fish

one pound fish

Very very good!

Following brief employment at a pound shop, Muhammad Shahid Nazir, a Pakistani immigrant to the United Kingdom  from the town of Pattoki, Kasur in Punjab,  began work on a fish stall at Queen’s Market, Upton Park where his employer instructed him to use a trader’s call to attract customers.

He soon composed the song “One Pound Fish” with the lyrics:

Come on ladies, come on ladies

One pound fish, one pound fish
Have-a, have-a look
One pound fish
Very, very good, very, very cheap
One pound fish
Six for five pound one pound each
Here is the latest  news. Shahid has not been deported to Pakistan (as reported by the Daily Mail). He went to Pakistan to get a visa to release his song in France (as reported by everyone else)

Allez mesdames…

Un poisson qui coûte un euro…..etc

Yolanda Riley, 20, travelled from Ashford in Kent just to meet him. She says:

“I am obsessed with his song, I had to meet him.

He smelt like fish but he was amazing. I’m so happy now.”

Many of us smell of pensions ….
What smells worse?
 And he’s got a nice Mum

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