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Time to look at VAT on pension costs

OK – not the most exciting topic but it’s an important one! I’ve seen no discussion about VAT on pension fees and that’s troubles me as we put together our strategy to sort out the pension challenge facing the 1.2m … Continue reading

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Johnson v Keating ; a pensions heavyweight title fight

There are two documents sitting on my desktop this morning. The first is a paper by Con Keating. Con believes that the best way of providing pensions is collectively through large organisations who are able to offer and keep future … Continue reading

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What would you pay to get your firm a proper pension?

£500? That’s what I think should be the procurement cost to get a firm through auto-enrolment staging. Which is not going to please a lot of people who still consider this pension revolution “Business as Usual” and anticipate multiples of current … Continue reading

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Who made that choice for you?

Put the question “why are pensions guaranteed?” into google and you will not get an answer. I reckon it’s because no-one asks the question. Why is nobody asking the question? Is someone guaranteeing the value of your house? Is there … Continue reading

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(S)hell’s well at Christmas

Popped into a Shell garage this morning – big sign tells me that I get 2 p off a litre if I buy a fourpack of Red Bull. I fancy giving a fourpack to my colleague and chum Peter Shellswell (real name) who survives on Morrisons own label energy drinks. … Continue reading

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