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Popped into a Shell garage this morning – big sign tells me that I get 2 p off a litre if I buy a fourpack of Red Bull. I fancy giving a fourpack to my colleague and chum Peter Shellswell (real name) who survives on Morrisons own label energy drinks.

Bish basp splosh – 50 litres in the motor and into the shop I go.

Strike me down;- a fourpack is £6.80…  that’s £1.70 a tin.

With the £1.00 discount I’ve earned from £70 petrol spend, I can reduce the fourpack cost to £5.80 – only £2 more than the supermarket down the road.

The woman at the counter spots me doing my sums

 “Do they think we’re stupid?”

she asks me. Clearly she’s as bemused as I am by the maths . The bond ‘s there…its “us”  -(staff and customer) against “them” -(corporate behemoth).

The guy who was filling up at the pump adjacent to me walks up to the counter with a fourpack of Red Bull . He’s bought 10 litres of petrol , is driving a clapped out Datsun and he pays £6.60 for the fourpack.

“Petrol’s dear but at least the Red Bull’s cheap”

– he quips.

The lady at the counter and my eyes meet.

“We’ve sold a lot of Red Bull this week”

she quips

This kind of promotion might net the garages a few quid but it doesn’t say much for Shell as a corporate brand. The next time Shell’s name comes up  in some  corporate governance debate, I’ll reflect on the guy in the Datsun and the hole in his pocket.

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