Are you or your parents missing out on pension credits?


This article is important. We urge people to save for retirement but for many people retirement is already here and things are going to be tough as the economic impact of the pandemic hits us all. So it’s good to be prepared. If you – or those close to you, are pensioners , this article is for you. 

One million pensioners could be missing out on £3,000 a year in the form of pension credits, Martin Lewis has warned.

The consumer expert has issued an urgent message to all retirees as the government prepares to revoke free TV licences for over-75s next month.

Martin Lewis said one million families are currently missing out on pensions credit – and many of them are struggling financially as a result.

If you’re over state pension age, live in the UK, and earn less than £173.75 a week as a single person or £265.20 a week as a couple, including pensions, savings and work, then you could be entitled to a top up.

And those who qualify may be able to unlock thousands of pounds worth of additional savings, such as the free TV licence for over-75s.

From August 1, free TV licences will only be available to those who claim pension credit – so now is the time to check if you could be eligible.

The BBC already announced that the free service was being scrapped last year, however a two-month delay due to coronavirus means it’s now due to be axed next month.

Pension credit is an income-related benefit aimed at people over state pension age 
The average weekly pension credit payment is £58 – more than £3,000 a year

As well as free access to TV, those who claim pension credits may also get a council tax reduction, £25 a week off their gas bills, free dental care and a £140 warm home discount to cover their winter bills.

Those who wear glasses may also qualify for vouchers worth up to £215 as well as housing benefit to help cover rent payments.

The scheme, which is run by the Department for Work and Pensions, is not automatic – meaning you will have to apply and be assessed first.

It’s largely available to those who live in the UK, have reached state pension age (your partner must be at state pension age too) and have less than £10,000 in savings (if you have more, you may get a reduced payment instead).

You can apply via if you’ve already claimed your state pension, but otherwise you’ll need to phone the Pension Service on 0800 99 1234.

From August, free TV licences for over-75s will only be available to households where someone gets Pension Credit.

But more than a million of society’s poorest families miss out on the benefit despite being eligible.

You can download the Daily Mirror’s full guide on who can claim pensions credit, here.

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