Steve Webb and Mother’s Missing £Millions – Pension Playpen – Today!

At today’s Pension PlayPen Coffee Morning event our former Pensions Minister, Sir Steve Webb, will be giving us an insight to a further Government debacle relating to Pensions and Benefits.

A new campaign led by Sir Steve Webb has been launched by consultants LCP to help thousands of mothers secure millions of pounds in underpaid state pensions as Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) admits a new category of error in its annual report.

Since 1978/79, the state pension system has included measures designed to help protect the position of parents (in practice mainly mothers) who may have gaps in their National Insurance record because of time spent out of paid work bringing up children.

This again will be a lively discussion with our usual Q&A.

Click on the link below to register your attendance. We hope you can join in the discussion!

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