Where did we go wrong?

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The secret to success



For those who consider I am faltering in my campaign to restore confidence in pensions, think again. I have found the way to cover my back and stab others in theirs!


Cognitive bias explains everything!

But sometimes it is good to be self-reflective. Here is an easy to use chart that will help you explain to your next interviewer exactly why you are the hopeless failure you always knew yourself to be.

Plot your failings against this behavioural chart and wow your current and future employers with your deep insight and deeper grasp of behavioural economics. Remember if you can’t measure it…etc.; mind you – knowing a behavioural buzz-phrase, is the next best thing.

Explaining your own failings in terms of behavioural science trumps honesty any day of the week.


Your cut-out and keep “blame-game” roadmap.

Then again, if you want to stay on the front foot, how about keeping a few of these little gems in a metaphorical back-pocket, ready for you to use when crushing your opponent.

There is nothing so withering as a glib “confirmation bias” thrown in to the conversation at a crucial juncture. “The gambler’s fallacy”, “risk compensation” and the “clustering illusion”, sound great, especially when you got there first.

Having one of these little phrases ready, not only keeps your colleagues in their place, it keeps you at the top of the pile.


Behavioural economics, the less you know the better

Those who can do, those who can’t become management consultants.

“If your soul isn’t fettered to an office stool, be careful to be guided by this golden rule””

Never take risk – just analyse it.



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