Pensions and Pornstar Martinis

Pornstar Martini

The Pornstar Martini

Question ; what have pensions and pornstar martinis got to do with each other

Answer; after announcing they would have a day off from negotiating, the UUK pension team appear to have deferred to the bar for some of these popular beverages.

Here is the press release following a hard two hours discussing pensions with the UCU

and here is a report of a “lost tweet” from its press office

Martini gate, as it will surely be known, comes at the end of a bad day for the Universities UK pension negotiating team who now appear to have done a post-martini u-turn.

Time was when it was the boozy “beer and sandwiches” brigade of the far-left who could be relied on for inebriate rambling. Now it’s the bosses who are proving themselves drunk and disorderly.

Time was that it was the unions who were up to vote rigging, now its the bosses.


UUK are not behaving and have not behaved any differently than the picture painted by the recent Channel 4 dispatches documentary, which painted some Vice Chancellors as out of touch , extravagant and venal.

This blog has carried a number of serious articles from senior lecturers such as Dennis Leach and Mike Otsuka that coherently argue the case to continue to let lecturers accrue defined benefit pensions as part of their remuneration.

There is no intellectual weight behind the philosophical arguments of UUK and no financial weight in their claims they cannot afford to pay the expected pensions.

Instead there is growing concern, not just within the Universities, but without, that its governance – epitomised by certain Vice-Chancellors – is incompetent.

UUK – back down now.

I speak as a parent of a university student who – though he gets no current teaching, supports the strike. I also speak as a card-carrying member of the conservative party.

I have no natural inclination  to support industrial action by unions.

However, everything I have and am reading about the conduct of this pensions strike suggests that it is the unions who are behaving responsibly and the UUK who are not.

It is time for the UUK to accept that they are losing the argument and back down.


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