Scotland has hexed our cricket team.

On a day of truimphs for Mark Cavendish and the European  lady golfers, the collapse of our cricket team who  lost to a paltry West Indian total at the Oval last night will hopefully be quickly forgotten.

But let me not spare the blushes of the Scotsman for their splendidly wrong article “Can bat, can field , can bowl -relentless England march on”

The opening paragraph gives a flavour for the rest of the article/blog, a panegyric for England’s cricket squad

It seems the England juggernaut cannot be stopped. Whoever the players selected and whichever opposition are offered the result is the same, a resounding success.

It would be wrong of me not to point out that Scottish sport is at an all time low. They managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the rugby, their football teams are the laughing stock of Europe – what a bunch of muppets!

Let’s make this clear – we do not want your support – your support is toxic. Now you have hexed our cricket team.

You have your own sports in Scotland– you can curl, you can do grass ski-ing at Aviemore (well rock-skiing) and you are probably quite good at white water rafting. You are very good at tossing cabers.

Do not mess with us – we are England and we are good at cricket and rugby and football and a lot of other sports that you are rubbish at.

What is more we don’t brag about it and big ourselves up in blogs. (shorely shome mishtake-Ed)

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  1. Scott Richards says:

    Don’t worry Henry, no Scottish support hex on that result, the article was written by Englishman Iain Fletcher, former Somerset and Hertfordshire middle order batsman.

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