What’s going on with birth rates? Simon Kuestenmacher’s Aussie perspective



If you don’t follow Simon, you should. Along with Stuart McDonald he is one of social media’s most entertaining and insightful writers on demography. Actually he does rather less writing than publishing – his speciality being maps that visualise complex ideas in a way our minds can take in.

This tweet is a double bonus as it gives us the man himself and access to more detailed arguments through the link.

I won’t put a blanket over his fire. Listen to his Tic-Toc – don’t rely on the captions (birds are not births).

Use the tweet  to connect with Simon – he is a free spirit who shares his ample knowledge and his technical mastery for free.

He is one of the people who keeps me on social media and if we want X for good, we should make his (and Stuart’s) feeds – a follow.

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