Update on Pension Scamming from Broadstone’s David Brooks



“Pension scams ruin lives and inflict immense financial and mental trauma on victims. It is great that we are seeing substantial progress against fraudsters with the proportion of adults receiving unsolicited approaches regarding their pension falling rapidly. Action from the Regulator and the Government appears to be making a really positive impact.” – Simon Kew

Coffee Morning – Update on Pension Scamming from Broadstone CPD included


When – Tuesday September 19th, 2023 at 10:30 am

At our next event Broadstone’s David Brooks will be giving us an update on Pension Scamming.

Dave will give us an overview of where we are on pension scams. A brief history of scams together with some stats and a jog through the legislative and regulatory steps to battle them, on to what administrators and trustees can do to help members and maybe even some reasons to be optimistic for the future.

No doubt there will also be an update on the Pension Regulator’s role and their recent initiatives which may not have been well received from some parties.

Dave Brooks is Head of Policy at Broadstone and has a 20+ year career in pensions beginning in administration and moving into technical and consulting around 2006. Dave is a regular commentator on pensions issue to trade & national press and radio.



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