John Greenwood – Mr Value for Money!

John Greenwood isn’t just a good journalist, he’s a good bloke. It’s high time he got a go on this podcast and he doesn’t let us down.

There is a right load of tosh on this podcast, mainly about the noble ABI’s trashing of CDC (so brave of them) and the first 20 minutes involves commission escalation to a point that Nico accuses Darren of  “ocean boiling”.

But listen to John defending the triple lock, railing against the way those who stayed contracted in were shafted by the single state pension and listen to his subtle defence of what CDC could do (if given half a chance).

John says his best journalistic campaign was to bring to our attention the people (like him) who chose to stay in. I guess that today, advising people to take a DC benefit rather than an accrual to state benefits would draw interest from the FCA, back in the 80s and 90s , I seem to remember claiming the 2% contracting out “bung” made the decision a “no-brainer” – oh dear. Sadly, the personal pension salesforces, advising people to sign those APPIs and take the NI rebate into a personal pension were proved right – you really shouldn’t have trusted the Government.

“Chapeau ” John.

And to this day, John is the only person I have heard who tells it like it is on value for money. Corporate Adviser’s Capa league tables are, to quote Greenwood, “more relevant to the ordinary person than the FTSE 100. John knows what people are interested in, they are not interested in beating inflation by 3% pa, they are interested in knowing how they are doing relative to others.

“Chapeau” John.

John has done more to promote the cause of value for money than any other person.

Pension Awareness

This pod was published on Pension Awareness Day yet it makes no mention of the event. There is something very odd about PAD this year, it seems to have been embraced by its sponsors who are sending out the messaging but entirely ignored by most others.

Much as I love the Geeks and admire their persistency, they need to get back on the road and out of the studio. There is an infinite capacity to flood youtube, tic-toc and indeed Podbean with pension content. It is rare to see a bus full of pension geeks – too rare!

The geeks, including Jonathan Greenwood who reach out to ordinary people are the blue bloods of pension. The Geeks will inherit the world.



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