What a wash out! Masters tree terror followed by flood (of complaints)

The provision of information in a digital age is not what the Masters is about. On Saturday, the most memorable event was the falling trees.

Yesterday it got a flood on the course and a flood of complaints off it – for TV coverage of the day’s play .

In the morning , late starters for the second round were forced to play through a monsoon leaving monster-hitter Jon Rahm having struggling to get to the green of the par-four 18th in two shots. But we could scarcely see what was going on.

For the few holes where the weather relented, no one was able to watch the dual between panto nasty LIV’s Brooks Koepka and PGA hero Jon Rahm live! The dual was broadcast later in the day due to the silly rules laid down by the Augusta National club that runs this event.

Koepka is a villain because he’s the best of the golfers that have sold-out to Saudi money. He is reckoned to have a big ego and no love of our local loser Rory Mcilroy.

I’m not sure if this is accurate but it made me laugh as I waited for something interesting to happen yesterday.

Yesterday  was about watching the ground staff and the umbrellas

and what live golf we did get, was generally played in a Dunkirk spirit

unless you were Tiger

What a wash-out!

For one of the world’s great sporting occasions, access to the golf is pretty non-existent other than through the CBS/ESPN feed. The BBC were reportedly unwilling to pay £1m for limited rights to show highlights so we get nothing but radio coverage. Yesterday’s radio coverage was an announcement that play had been suspended, it starts at 9pm.

As for social media, the draconian rules surrounding using cameras on course mean that there are virtually no private photos on the web and certainly no private videos!

People are pretty fed up with what has been over-billed and under-delivered.

Today is supposedly the last day when golfers will be trying to play up to 29 holes in one day. The rate of play being what it is – I doubt they’ll finish before it gets dark which will leave the finale to Monday.

Will the old farts who control the coverage of this event , right down to the de-digitalization of scoreboards, relent? I doubt it. They’re probably busy advising the DWP on its VFM framework.

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