Oh #WASPI, there ain’t no pleasing you!


Chas and Dave know a few things about women

You seemed to think that everything I ever did was wrong
I should have known it all along
Oh darlin’, there ain’t no pleasing you

I expect there’s a few labour party policymakers whistling that tune along Brighton Prom this morning.

Not even Frank Field could cheer them up


 Altogether now…!

Now everything, I ever done, was only done for you
But now you, can go and do, just what you wanna do, I’m telling you

The ship has sailed, the note in the drawer was right, there is no Ralfean Money Tree to pay the WASPI in full.

To pay off the WASPI will mean finding money from someone else’s pocket. If I am going to take Labour’s promises seriously I want to know whose.

Personally I would like to see the extension of the scheme pays system to redistribute the proceeds of higher rate contributory tax relief not just to the WASPI but to the like of J Greenwood esq, who patriotically supported SERPS and S2P without any reward.

Call me a Trot in blue clothing, but I’d happily give up my ill-earned tax perks if I felt that the disadvantaged WASPS , Greenwood and the contracted in , were properly dealt with.

Now if Deborah Abrahams and Alex Cunningham are prepared to follow me down that path, I will not just take my hat off to them, but spend a couple of days next week at the Tory Conference doing my best to get Gauke and Co to do the same (fat chance!).

But before I am garlanded with #WASPI praise, let’s be clear, #WASPI are not going to get full restitution whatever! And a good number of the WASPI women are either HRTs or shacked up with them, so this is about being fair to the WASPI who are genuinely hard up for missing out- not a bail out for Mrs Moret!

WASPI are going to have to accept that the bulk of any bail-out needs to be means-tested and that no-one is going to be 100% happy.


I say this in solidarity with  our Tottenham friends  who sing that you can push an argument too far!

Now if you think, I don’t mean what I say and I’m only bluffing
You’ve got another thing coming, I’m telling ya that for nothing
Oh darlin’ I’m leaving, that’s what I’m gonna do


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3 Responses to Oh #WASPI, there ain’t no pleasing you!

  1. Gerry Flynn says:

    Not in a million years did expect one of my favourite songs from the 80’s to be ever used in a blog about pensions, inspirational Henry. For those of you who never hear or seen Chas & Dave this is just for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hkt8E2Ul-Xw

  2. henry tapper says:

    We’ve got our tickets for the Albert Hall next April – God willing they last that long! Good to know you love them too Gerry!

  3. John Moret says:

    Mrs Moret will not be impressed at this blog. She feels an injustice because she is in a small group of women born between 6 April 1953 and 5 January 1954 who were singled out for especially penal treatment as a result of the Pensions Act 2011. Their pension age was put back by 4 months for each month later that they were born whereas those women born between 6th April 1950 and 5th April 1953 – and those born between 6th January 1954 and 5th October 1954 suffered only two months delay per month. For those born between 6th October 1954 and 5th April 1960 the delay reverted to one month for each month later that you were born. As a result of this inequitous treatment of a small group of women at the extreme a woman born at the start of an academic year in September 1952 received her pension 2 years 8 months before a woman born at the end of that academic year. Trying to justify this to my wife has proved beyond me -simply because it is unfair. It needn’t have been like this but I believe it was done for political expediency. This particularly harsh treatment of this small group of women has been almost totally ignored in the broader WASPI debate – which is why my wife feels so aggrieved. She is not looking for a bail out – just to be treated in the same way as other women born either side of the 9 month period.

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