Just desserts still have to wait – 6 years on.

Al Rush has prospered over the past years- professionally and personally he has found purpose in supporting the steel-working communities following the RAA that forced steelworkers to make choices about their pensions, they should never have had to make.

Darren Reynolds has not prospered in that time and while he has avoided the full consequences of his actions, he looks anything but the entrepreneurial visionary who claimed he could provide steelworkers with the financial security their pension couldn’t.

Reynolds today

The Daily Mail story explains the sorry state of life that Reynolds has fallen into. It is hard to see how any good came out of his firm Active Wealth or from its crony organisations that worked to fleece steelworkers of their hard earned pensions.

Al does not need the Daily Mail to praise him (though it does). He is made of the right stuff. His prosperity has been earned the right way and he now lives happily on the Aberavon Beach, beloved of many including me!

Rush today

Sadly, the trauma for many steelworkers continues and is likely to do so , so long as their financial well=being is linked to the markets. Efforts continue to find ways to get steelworkers a wage for life solution that meets their expectations.

Just desserts still have to wait


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2 Responses to Just desserts still have to wait – 6 years on.

  1. Byron McKeeby says:

    The Financial Conduct Authority fined Reynolds £2.2 million in September 2023 and banned him from working in finance for life, warning he ‘poses a risk to consumers and the integrity of the financial system’.

    But will any of that fine ever be collected?

    • Rob says:

      Unlikely as with all such conmen most of their assets are or have been transferred into someone else’s name. 🤬😔

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