Pension togetherness day.

Today is pension awareness day.

Sean Breslin

It’s also a day when we’ll be celebrating the life of Sean Breslin , coming together in the Cockpit pub in Blackfriars with a pint or two. Mostly it will be the Gissings diaspora but anyone who cares to catch up with me and a few of my mates, is welcome. I’ll be there from 5pm onwards.

If you  are free this evening (Wednesday 15th Sept) come and join me, Landlord Dave and Bar lady Hannah for an evening of fine beer and good spirits!

The Sheriff of London rides out!

It’s also a day when Michael Mainelli will be riding a horse around the streets of London.

From 09:15 to 12:15, Alderman & Sheriff Professor Michael Mainelli will take to horseback for a three hour ride as part of reopening the City of London while raising money for the Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund.

Michael, his trusty steed ‘Leo’, and a Light Cavalry escort will leave the Central Criminal Court from Warwick Square at 09:15 passing by Sweetings restaurant, Mansion House, Grocers’ Hall, Furniture Makers’ Hall, Drapers’ Hall, Carpenters’ Hall, Armourers’ Hall, Girdlers’ Hall, Wax Chandlers’ Hall, Saddlers’ Hall, Goldsmiths’ Hall, Pewterers’ Hall, Plaisterers’ Hall, Ironmongers’ Hall, Farmers’ & Fletchers’ Hall, Information Technologists’ Hall, Founders’ Hall, Haberdashers’ Hall, Cutlers’ Hall, and Stationers’ Hall, before returning to the Old Bailey at 12:15, when our saddle-weary Sheriff will probably collapse while the Light Cavalry will still look resplendent.

Because this is about showing everyone’s support for our reopened City, Michael seeks widespread participation of small amounts, suggesting a donation of £10, but asking everyone to please pass on this message to friends, family, fellow liverymen, work colleagues and others.

The Old Bailey would encourage you to please support him if you can on JustGiving, and please do peruse the work of the Sheriffs’ & Recorders’ Fund.



Pension togetherness

Yesterday, around 250 of us got together in the City of London’s Brewery , to hear from each other what matters to pension professionals. It was an opportunity to discover who had put on weight and who had lost weight over lock down.

I imagine quite a lot of weight was put on by those who stayed for the Pension Awards last night. I  feel virtuous as I ran five laps around the Barbican to record my September half marathon.

Not sure how Derek Tomln and Lady Lucy found their way into Strava!

It means a lot to be together, it’s what the Pension PlayPen is about and why I use social media.  Pension people need to come back together in real time and while today is Pension Awareness Day, to me it will be Pension Togetherness Day too!

Pension Geeks

We should remember the great work of the Pension Geeks today!

Over the years, Jonathan, Rachel and latterly the irrepressible James Biggs, have been bringing people together to think about their pensions.

I’m pleased to see they won their award for pension communications last night.

They are the initiators , perpetuators and heroes of Pension Awareness Day and our thanks go out to them!

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