The net pay anomaly moves up our agenda

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This is a chart from the Pension Management Institute’s polling of its members –Pulse 

It shows that the Net Pay anomaly is now considered the policy priority for nearly one fifth of respondents.

It is very encouraging to see this growth in support which suggests that the pension experts are aware of and do care about the over-payment of pension contributions of up to 1.7m members.

This is in no small deal down to the efforts of Adrian Boulding and NOW, the Low  Income Tax group , various others in the net pay action group and of Ros Altmann who has led it.

Thanks to the PMI for doing this work, John Glen and Guy Opperman please take note.

Political pledges made in manifestos are only so good as the trust we have they will be kept. We trust the Conservative Government will keep the manifesto pledge it made late last year and fix the net pay problem.

Meanwhile we will help that fix in any way we can.

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