Steve Webb, LCP and Royal London


Silent witness

Most people who know Steve Webb now knows he works for Royal London, but many people who know that won’t know Lane Clark and Peacock. Why does Britain’s longest serving pensions minister find his CV so varied? Where is the continuity?

It’s cheeky of me to assume Sir Steve’s motivation, but i think he is following what he sees as goodness, and goodness knows there’s not a lot of it about. There aren’t many people I know in pensions that exude goodness, Phil Loney, the former CEO of Royal London was one of them. Steve and Phil are both Christians and though they do not evangelise at work, they are clearly driven by the same conviction.

I do not know of any strong Christian conviction at LCP , but of all the pension consultancies , it has a culture of kindness. Bob Scott and others see to that. LCP is very successful and like Royal London, makes sure its staff are properly rewarded, there is a strong inclusiveness about their culture. They were the first and to my knowledge only pension consultancy to give an employee the chance to change gender. LCP don’t just tolerate diversity, they promote it.

LCP are progressive not just in what they say and what they do. They are silent witness to the values that I know Steve and Phil stick to.

This is why I am not surprised to see Steve Webb joining Lane Clark and Peacock and why I am happy he has.

Though my first loyalties are to my former employer , First Actuarial, a rival in some ways to LCP, LCP is a firm I like to see prosper and this marriage of a good man and a good firm can only be good for pensions.



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