AgeWage’s mansion house consultation responses

We’ve been thinking a lot about the consultation papers that have been issued following Jeremy Hunt’s Mansion House speech. Some of the consultations are responses, some calls for evidence and some seem to be genuinely moving towards a change in legislation and regulation.

There may be more work for us to do, but we think we have a coherent response which we hope will have a marginal impact like firing a rocket at an asteroid – we hope to maximise the positive impact of what look generally – good intentions. We aim to minimise the impact of regressive factions that would keep us locked into spurious freedom while denying us proper pensions.

You can read the response directly in the Slideshare or you can download it via the link (in PDF)

AgeWage response to DWP consultation on Trustees skills, capability and culture.

This is the AgeWage response to the DWP’s consultation
Helping savers
understand their
pension choices

This is the AgeWage response to the DWP call for
evidence on options for DB schemes


This is AgeWage’s response to the DWP’s consultation on ending the proliferation of deferred small pension pots

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