Pension credit – why don’t you get it? (old lags rhyme)

In need of inspiration..

I’m listening to a lot of grime

My son sends it all the time

I’d be lying if I found the tunes sublime

Black the Ripper – Afro Samurai

As merry as long-covid patients standing in a line

When the funeral bells begin to chime

I’m trying to find some meaning for this old lag’s rhyme

And all I get on spotty is this sonic slime,

About knife crime

These kids have got the social skills of  an enzyme.

Think positive

Time to stop thinking of myself

Get out and help someone else

We can all help  an aunty –

Can’t we?

Aunty’s on the street

She’s in a proper fix

These old dogs can’t learn new tricks

Leaning on two walking sticks

It’s tough getting about when you’re seventy six

And the money from your pension buys you nix

(I should  mention

that it’s hard to pay attention

When you can’t afford to buy your fish and  chips)

You can’t afford to eat –

can you afford to heat?

Everybody in the house – is cold

Back  home prospects don’t get better

Aunty’s afraid to open up that windowed letter

Sit it on the window sill,

Pretend today it’s not a bill

Don’t put on the boiler ,

Put on another sweater

Aunty – get minted instead

Pension credit

Aunty – why don’t you get it?

It’s the door to more

It’s worth getting out of bed for

Helps you pay the bill on the sill

And a lot of other shit.

Aunty apply !

Why aren’t you claiming it?

There’s no shame in it

There’s no blame in it

Paid into your bank and your troubles quit


Sort out your council tax

Get credit card off its max

Slow down breathe in – relax

Soon you’ll be reading moneyfacts


Get your teeth done on the NHS

Prescriptions , glasses cost you less

Winter cold – you stay cool

They even pay your winter fuel

Shout out!

Hey hey – it’s pension credit day!

Aunty ;-  look at what they pay!

Getting this money’s got to be the way!

Glad you listened to what I had to say.






About henry tapper

Founder of the Pension PlayPen,, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman
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