Perfect Purbeck

If one wanted to show a foreigner England, perhaps the wisest course would be to take him to the final section of the Purbeck Hills, and stand him on their summit, a few miles to the east of Corfe – EM Forster.

Ballard Down is the last in a line of chalk hills cutting across the Isle of Purbeck, each with its own special character. To the west are Ailwood Down and Nine Barrow Down where the summit is dotted with stone-age burial mounds.

Below, the great glittering sweep of Poole Harbour lies on one hand and the limestone uplands of south Purbeck on the other.

Seen from the west, the Wight is beautiful beyond all laws of beauty. It is as if a fragment of England floated forward to greet the foreigner – chalk of our chalk, turf of our turf, epitome of what will follow. – EM Forster

‘The reason fails, like a wave on the Swanage beach; the imagination swells, spreads, and deepens, until it becomes geographic and encircles England.’

Mornings so beautiful , even the police congregate to admire


And sea and sky merge behind the sails


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  1. Dr+Robin+Rowles says:

    Spot on Henry. It’s one of the reasons why we retired here. The locals are great and so friendly too!

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