Join the Wesley’s chapel pancake challenge next Tuesday!

Check Cheryl bigging this up, it’s going to be a gastronomic pre-Lent pig-out!

Our chapel brings spiritual nourishment to its congregation in the City and Hackney. But God also likes to feed the sheep with tea and biscuits (and a lot more besides).

The trouble is our kitchen, which frankly isn’t fit for purpose and needs renovation. In Jennifer’s words

After close to half a million cups of tea, our little kitchen is ready for a facelift!  It is a small but happy room, and has punched above its weight to help us show hospitality for over 25 years.  Renewing it will set us up for the next 25.  Be part of this work, and our welcome!

Dog Collars off , our ministers Jennifer and Steven are going to battle it out in the kitchen and you can share in the live “cake-off” next Tuesday.

It might be your first visit to our church, but it may not be your last. Whether you live in Stepney or Sidney, Homerton or Hong Kong ,  Barbican or Barbados , you are equally welcome because this is online and so are our services!

There’s a lot of talk about wellbeing, but not enough living it up! So sign up for an hour’s worth of pancake mania and you might find a lifeline from this damn depressing pandemic and some pretty lousy weather. Sign up by pressing this slogan!

Feed my sheep!

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