1995 and all that (legacy images in a digital age).

Well done Professional Pensions for marking its 25th anniversary with photos of crusty veterans who were pensioning 25 years ago. I think my photo may be 35 years old as it was taken on my first skiing holiday -(sales convention) when a budding financial adviser. 1985 seems like yesterday.

Some of these photos look professional , a few look scanned from the family album. Like pension providers we all have legacy  and many of us (like providers) wish to hide it – for good reason!

We are a hostage to these bloody images which are likely to reappear in the slideshows at our 60th and 70th birthdays …and at our funerals.

My son is around the age at which I went on that holiday (oops convention). His photos are everywhere, including on this blog. He does not have the privilege of submitting photos, he has a digital presence on google, Instagram and Facebook which will survive me and probably him.


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  1. Ros Altmann says:

    Dear Henry – I don’t mind the ‘veteran’ bit but not sure I like ‘crusty’!!

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