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It was nothing like this at all



Regular followers of this blog will know that it supports Gary Johnson’s Green and White army.

This has proved quite difficult this season,  at times under the adjusted handicap of the First Actuarial Monkey League, YTFC have been the worst team in the league , pretty rubbish for a team that has just been relegated from the Championship.

But we can forget about our poor league form (at least until Saturday) as we contemplated the arrival of  Manchester United at Huish Park on January 4th to play the 3rd round of the FA Cup. Ticket details here

Last night had everything I have come to enjoy about a home game this season- a cup of bovril at half-time.

Just when we thought it could not get any worse, it got a whole lot better and thanks to a couple of lat goals at the away end (dimly seen through the rain) we made it past the might of Accrington Stanley. You can read an excellent match report here

The Huish was packed, save for the away end which wasn’t. Clearly the delights of a Somerset night out proved unattractive to the denizens of Accrington.

My favourite headline this morning is from the Express (thanks Ciderspace). Simon Gilett will never score a more timely goal.


My trusted colleague Colin and I drove back to London  with a warm glow I had not experienced since the win against Sheffield United that secured us a place at the Play Offs in 2012.

Colin is a true United fan, living in Basingstoke today and abroad for much of his life. To give the lad his due, he did visit Chester once. He kept his mouth shut in the Thatchers and I explained he was a Crewe fan looking to see how former Crewe striker Leitch-Smith was getting on.

I needn’t have bothered, the Huish was full of strange people wearing all kinds of footballing clobber including a man wearing a Manchester United bobblebee hat- I ask you. The trouble with us at Yeovil is we still enjoy it!

So if you are thinking of turning up on the 4th and waltzing in, you’d better get yourself a token from last night and one for Saturday too. There isn’t even going to be standing room for the United Game.

All this tells me that even when we have a poor side- and we do this season- there is always hope that something amazing will happen. Hope really does spring eternal and so long as your expectations are low, your enjoyment will be high.

joe edwards what a feeling

There are over 50 more pictures of last night here

My son started life a Chelsea Fan and at the age of 6 switched allegiance to the Glovers, he is the better for it. He may have a nasty tendency towards the Johnson Out camp, he may have failed to make the 250 mile round trip last night and he may have chosen Ascot ahead of his Huish duties on Saturday, but he is Yeovil True.


Colin may not be seen again in the Huish after the first Sunday in January, but he is an honorary Glover till match-day. Silence is golden and duct-tape in Silver Colin.

I was going to write something philosophical at the end of this blog – but I’m on my way to Leeds and have 54 emails to deal with, and I’m as happy as Pharrell Williams. So I’ll leave you with the immortal rendition of Yeovil True that belted into a damp Somerset night as we drove off last night.

Roll on January – anything might happen


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