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“Stick or twist” for the lifecos.

It is hard for the insurers to twist because they think the dealer’s against them. Continue reading

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“What’s expensive for a pension these days?”

Most UK pension people may still agree with you and see 0.9% as cheap but not me. It might have been cheap in 2000 and it certainly isn’t today! Continue reading

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Better ways to diversify the default.

When people see the jigsaw being put together , we may even get better public confidence in workplace pension schemes – something devoutly to be hoped for! Continue reading

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It’s a wrap trap – but who’s been caught?

If you thought you were sick of pensions, imagine  the nausea of the life company CEO. If you are such a beast and reading this, you are probably are American or European and your company brought into the UK a few years back … Continue reading

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Light in the lifestyle tunnel!

The way in which your DC pot magically turns from investing in shares to investing in cash and Government bonds is called lifestyle and it involves hundreds of transactions in 60+ months before you buy your pension. All of these transactions involve … Continue reading

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Pensions personality – the oxymoron is back!

After a year off, Prof Pens have relaunched their pension personality award and the long list is out. I’m a great fan of this award because it gives people a chance to have a little fun , big up their … Continue reading

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Why we must get resolution on pension charges

We shouldn’t underestimate the task the 14 members of the ABI have set themselves in promising to fully disclose charges and costs (see previous blog). 14 insurers have made the pledge but there are many insurers that haven’t nor are … Continue reading

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The Regulator’s right to be cautious about mastertrusts

Over the past two years we’ve seen a number of multi-employer occupational schemes spruced up for auto-enrolment. We’ve seen a number of insurers and asset managers set up as the providers of master trusts. We’ve had a few financial advisers … Continue reading

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How was the Plowman’s vision? – 2012 #pensions predictions revisited

Here were our pension predictions from a year ago (you can read the full blog from December 2011- here) Artificially depressed interest rates drive up DB deficits and depress annuities but the pressure on life companies and pension schemes to adopt … Continue reading

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It worked for Wendy- how Morrisons staged auto-enrolment

If I had a vote for “pensions personality of the year, I’d give it to Wendy Taylor of Morrisons and I’d give her understudy Claire Ramus a “highly commended”! They’ve inspired their Board, their staff and they’ve brought a breath of fresh air to the … Continue reading

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