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Not what’s in the pot but what it buys – Pension RTI

Progress means talking straight with people, it isn’t always pleasant but it has to be done. Continue reading

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Bridging that advice gap – 43rd London Pension Lunch

Vivi and others were more optimistic, reckoning that employer power might be a way of driving standards up. Continue reading

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Don’t put your swaptions on the stage Mrs Redington!

This post has been prompted by the very progressive @redingtontweets feed which recently asked it’s excited readership (Well me!) Would you be interested in a lower return on your #DC#pension in exchange for a perpetual floor of 80% of your #asset value? … Continue reading

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Why we need to say “NO” to pension guarantees!

On Monday the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries delivered a paper stating that it would be able to deliver a system of lock-in guarantees at a price of less than 1% pa of the fund that could be used by … Continue reading

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What do we mean by good?

Spending time in Liverpool this week has given me the chance of spending time with clients, fellow advisers and those who market the products our clients use. The NAPF Conference is a time when you can look at what you are doing , compare … Continue reading

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Getting CEOs and Chairmen “seriously relaxed” about pensions.

I don’t normally hob nob with FTSE 30  Chairmen so when I met one at a party over the weekend I hit on him about pensions…this is the nub of the conversation Me-What do you know about auto-enrolment? Chairman-My pension person … Continue reading

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Maybe consumer cynicism about pensions is right..

I want to restore faith in a pensions system we were once proud of. Yesterday I wrote about the Plumbing and Mechanical Services Pension Scheme – which you can read about here. Today I am praising a brilliant pamphlet published by … Continue reading

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