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It’s a kind of magic! The black and white of imagination.

If I could have set out to define the poles of theatrical experience, I couldn’t have done much better than to choose Kit Harington’s Dr Faustus and the Globe’s production of Midsummer Night’s Dream. First performed within a couple of … Continue reading

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Getting a proper pension guidance service?

What’s happened to Pension Wise? After all the secrecy and the consultations and  the big reveal – the sum impact on our nation’s financial awareness appears hard to measure, as in “hard to discern”. Looking at TPAS’ latest stats, the nation’s … Continue reading

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How we sort the master trust problem

  I sat next to someone at a meeting yesterday whose demeanour, ideas and the articulation of those ideas, was so impressive that I was at times scared to open my mouth. I felt in the presence of greatness. I’ve … Continue reading

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Show me the money!

My magic money machine Last week I (twice) had the satisfying experience of lugging my piggy bank down to Metro Bank and entering the contents into the Magic Money Machine. My cash was exchanged for a chit (see below) which … Continue reading

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What do we mean by Independent Financial Education?

This is an article that my firm First Actuarial have been sending to their clients. It’s so clear and simple, I thought I’d share it. Of course we’ll be sending it to Andy Haldane at the Bank of England! What … Continue reading

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Rebuilding the social capital of pensions.

    I’ve been reading Andy Haldane’s recent speech and kick off with this one statement among many good insights. “A plausible objective of public not to maximise trust among consumers of financial services but to maximise trustworthiness among its … Continue reading

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The Transparency Zeitgeist is upon us

I am a frugal man, the £3.50 I paid for this morning’s FT was grudgingly passed to my newsagent. But I wanted to capture the headline and read about Josephine’s reporting of a meeting with my friends Andy Agethangelou and … Continue reading

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Dad’s army could’ve done a better job!

Until quite recently, the main sources of financial advice for small businesses were the accountant and the bank manager. The BOE’s Andy Haldane’s comments about the complexity of pensions look back to a day when these intermediaries were trusted “The … Continue reading

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Small firms spend four business days a month battling red tape

If you want to understand auto-enrolment, you’ve got to understand what it’s like to run a small  business. We do! If we had four days spare- we’d spend them on red tape! Instead we do our bureaucracy in the early morning and … Continue reading

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Restoring Andy, David and Tom’s Confidence in Pensions

“Pensions are impossible to understand and are harming Britons’ efforts to save the right amount of cash for later life” Andy Haldane the Bank of England’s chief economist admitted last night. Since I have made it my job, as Founder of … Continue reading

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