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Time for a “4G” Pensions auction?

If you want to have a mobile phone company you need a 3G licence which costs money. The Government made a lot of money from selling the use of our 3G radio waves to Vodafone and the like and are set to … Continue reading

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Building an online community on LinkedIn

I’ve been thinking about a specific business problem set by a large client. The problem is this; they have a mature pension scheme which they have properly funded for many years. They are keen that staff better understand its benefits … Continue reading

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NEST’s been gelded by the ABI – this is the result!

Here is a case study that will be of interest to Gregg Mcclymont MP  @greggmcclymont  and those campaigning for “remasculating” NEST. As I’ve said before NEST is a pension eunuch. It cannot accept transfers, accomadate chunky contributors or pass on the benefits … Continue reading

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“Knowing but not doing is nothing”.

So says the sage of Newbury – Peter Shellswell – he of the Popcorn Pension. I share his intellectual property as you know not of what he talks nor what “something”might be! Well I’ll let you into his secret, he was … Continue reading

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LGPS 2014 reforms will work – sort of – claims Pension Play Pen Lunch

In two words “sort of”. The Pension Play Pen lunch consisting of Henry Tapper, David Taylor, Simon Kew, Derek Benstead and Mark Scantlebury came to the following conclusions. That Hutton’s original recommendation that reforms should be based on a targeted income for Local … Continue reading

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I like this England Football Team

When you look across the banners at England games, you see the names of Grimsby, Exeter , Crewe and Nottingham Forest, teams that supporters do not expect to be winning much next year. Those supporters follow their teams not for … Continue reading

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Immigrant pension taboos

I live in  West London – Brentford and Eton (lower Slough). If I want to eat, a curry is the natural choice, if I buy groceries, it’s most likely from an Asian grocer. My Grandfather was the Methodist minister for Hounslow, his … Continue reading

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Bankrupt graduates – W.O.T.

We are  a nation in debt. Jointly and severally. As a country we have lived beyond our means, individually we have spent more than we have earned. The problem is not universal and many individuals have managed their finances well, … Continue reading

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Hand wringing over Poland and Syria

I’m fed up with myself for wringing my hands over genocide in Syria and racism in Poland. I listen to the radio, watch web images and well up with anger that these things are happening. My anger is useless, I … Continue reading

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