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Plan to spend, save or borrow? Who knows what to do?

For many people, what they earn will be what they spend on household bills this year and next. The FT report why , most people want to know what will happen to their savings (if they have them ) over … Continue reading

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Simplifying pensions with AgeWage

A number of people have asked about “AgeWage”, so I thought to write an article introducing it and why I and our management team are so excited about what it will do. A good business plan should start with a … Continue reading

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Why I want to be old – rich and pay no tax!

There’s a famous story, now fading from popular memory about Strand, a brand of cigarettes in the sixties. Strand came out with a strap-line “you’re never alone with a Strand” It killed the brand stone-dead. People associated smoking a Strand … Continue reading

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How much should I spend on retirement?

People get frightened by this question – they shouldn’t! The simple answer is that we all pay into a national pension scheme through national insurance and you can find out what you’re likely to get from the State we completing … Continue reading

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