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Do we need guarantees on the pensions we get? Pension Play Pen lunch – Feb 6th

There was a peculiar diversity of participants in this month’s pension lunch which led to an extraordinary debate and the closest of votes. Our lunch group split into three groups 1. Those who followed a broadly paternalistic line (Stav, Bill,Mike … Continue reading

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Popcorn Pensions III – transforming the business of Pensions

If you’ve been following my posts recently, (thanks) you’ll be aware of a thread defined by the phrase “Popcorn Pensions” that refers to my friend Peter Shellswell’s KFC moment. Peter told me over the Popcorn Chicken that he’d decided to move on from … Continue reading

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That ETV debate in full

Sometimes people’s comments on blogs are more interesting than the blog itself- this is certainly the case in a blog I wrote last week on “Enhanced Transfer Values” the thrust of which is that there are better ways to de-rsik defined benefit pension plans than by giving members cash bungs to transfer out theirguaranteed rights.
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