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Hughes v Royal London – a sorry state of affairs.

It’s not often that I read a legal judgement in full but that’s what I’ve just done, to understand how Ms Hughes has successfully won a cased which allows her to send her hard earned pension savings to a fund … Continue reading

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I smell a (pensions) rat – what can I do?

An advert appeared yesterday on the Pension Play Pen Linked In Group.. If you’re in our Group, you can see it here The organisation – Save My Pension is offering a “route to market” with the message from its Director Danny Smith  … Continue reading

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Keeping the vultures at bay (pension liberation)

This message hit my inbox this  morning from the indomitable Angie Brookes A new campaign has been launched to warn people of the dangers of pension liberation and the fraudsters who are peddling this junk. Pension Life – http://www.pension-life.com – … Continue reading

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Pot follows member – not around here it doesn’t!

I took a look at this scorpion and decided enough was enough, I told myself… I’m going to liberate my personal pensions and section 32 policies from high charges, poor fund management and non-existent governance into my new plan which … Continue reading

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Time to pull together on Pension Liberation Fraud

The gravity of the situation is reflected by the schemes that the Regulator are now looking at. One scheme alone is though to have “liberated” between £130 and £150m , a good proportion of which is lost for ever as the … Continue reading

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