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How well do we support the victims of pension scams?

  The mark of a decent society is as much about how we treat the victims as the perpetrators of crime. On Friday (while a horrific crime was very publicly  happening nearby), 40 of us were thinking of games to … Continue reading

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Grand designs from Dolphin Trust

If you want to invest in Dolphin Trust , you can watch a video advertising Canisius Careee, one of Dophin Trust’s investments. These are “real pictures”. It’s property backed – it’s German – you get a first charge  and the … Continue reading

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Hughes v Royal London – a sorry state of affairs.

It’s not often that I read a legal judgement in full but that’s what I’ve just done, to understand how Ms Hughes has successfully won a cased which allows her to send her hard earned pension savings to a fund … Continue reading

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Helpless? – and scammers in town!

One of the worst things about doing my job is seeing people being fleeced without being able to do anything about it. I know that Katie Morley feels the same way – I can feel it when she’s writing about … Continue reading

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