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Can an incentive be more effective than compulsion? Guest blog from Ralph Frank

  The Individual Savings Account (“ISA”) seems to be the savings vehicle of choice of the current Chancellor.  There were two types of ISA, cash and stocks & shares, when the Chancellor took office back in 2010.  The maximum subscription … Continue reading

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“Investing for the long-term” – guest blog from Ralph Frank

The Financial Services Consumer Panel (“FSCP”) recently published a number of suggested options for reform of the governance, disclosure and pricing of investment products.  These options were based on the findings of two studies, one by Rajiv Jaitly and the … Continue reading

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“Living longer? -Epic. Needing to pay for it? -Challenging”. Vivi Friedgut on long-term saving.

Have fun when you’re young, enjoy yourself, you only live once and the future will take care of yourself. Ever been given that advice? Nice sound-bites but only really applicable to those fortunate enough to have a large financial safety … Continue reading

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