The Regulator, wisdom and the crowd

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The Pension Regulator, it needs be said , did not have a good Professional Pension Show. Things started well enough with a keynote speech that laid out its 2012 agenda

  1. Get DB solvent
  2. Get DC sorted
  3. Get Auto-Enrolment in


And that was it, off to Brighton and leave the lads to it.

As Robin Ellison put it, we need a Regulator that talks with us. Why it considers it can work out what’s going on from Brighton is hard to fathom. Conversation after conversation I had involved complaints about the detoriating relationship pension professionals were experiencing.

The Regulator cannot physically be everywhere. But there are places where they can display a little more enthusiasm and it’s to be hoped they are a little more to the fore at the NAPF conference in October. It’s to be hoped they grasp the nettle of social media and start getting their message out to us both in our forums and through the usual tramways of twitter, linked in et al. Pensionsweb and mallowsteet, Schemexpert and Trusteeweb, the Pension Play Pen and UK occupational pensions could all benefit from some regulatory involvement.

We don’t just want our Pension Regulator talking to us , we want it to listen to us and not just through consultation responses. If the Regulator wants to understand what is going on it should learn to listen to the crowd and tap-in to its collective wisdom.

So come on then you Brighton boys. The culture starts at the top – from Bill Galvin. If you want to exert your authority you need to prove your intent with more than Olympian gestures. Get involved and reap the benefits!

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