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What do we tell our members?

    Yesterday’s keynote speech from David Farrar at the Professional Pension DC Conference contained some important messages. I wasn’t the only person in the room picking up a new tone on disclosure. The quote is a close approximation to … Continue reading

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Occupational means occupational – (what we can learn from scams)

Scammers beware, we are aware! July is scams awareness month and the Citizens Advice Bureau is leading the charge. The Pensions Regulator is not far behind with its promotional campaign. The scorpion is never far away. It’s very much up … Continue reading

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Pension schemes can learn from occupational health data.

It’s long been known that the best way of valuing the pension liabilities of the employees of a company is to look at historical data of previous generations as a starting point. The class of 2004, 1994 or even 1954 can teach … Continue reading

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Stealthy progress from the life insurers

So we have come full circle. The workplace pension is once again an insured pension. We have moved from with-profits to open architecture TIPS but it is the insurer’s balance sheets that carry the majority of DB assets and will ultimately manage the private pensions of UK plc.
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